Cosmetics make me look more competent???


According to an article in the New York Times, makeup makes you look more competent. So Lady Gaga must be really competent? No, no, no. With everything in life, moderation is the key.

In the article  Up the Career Ladder, Lipstick In Hand by Catherine Saint Louis she discusses a study that showed women who wear makeup are perceived as more competent, trustworthy and my favorite – likable. I harp on this because we do business with people we like. Etiquette makes you more likable, and so does wearing makeup according to this article.

Moral of the story: Never show up looking like your drivers license picture. Cosmetics enhance your positive features and conceal your less than perfect features. You want people to notice your eyes, not your eye makeup as in the above photo. Even men can benefit from some neutral face powder applied with a brush to take down shininess and even complexion without being noticeable.

What do you think?

2011 Resolution that PAYS!

When making your New Years resolution, make one that is not only EASY TO KEEP, but will PAY OFF BIG! According to a study at Harvard Business School, “Generally speaking, a little extra likability goes a longer way than a little extra [career] competence in making someone desirable to work with.” In other words, likable people are hired first and laid off last.

Now is the time for etiquette! Grab hold of your future and learn the art of etiquette that is guaranteed to make you a much more likable person. Do it for yourself, your professional life, and most importantly, your personal life.

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Etiquette is no longer a competitive edge, it is a prerequisite!

Happy New Year!

For more information on the Harvard Business School study conducted by Harvard Business School professor Tiziana Casciaro and Duke University’s Miguel Sousa Lobo, please go to: