Interviewing & Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

In graduate school I seriously considered the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy as the research subject for my thesis. Why? Because thoughts are things! Your brain is powerful and takes direction from your thoughts. Your mind will complete the picture YOU create. Just as the basketball player will imagine every detail of the basketball going from his hand to the hoop, to bouncing awkwardly off the rim and out of bounds. No! The winning basketball player imagines the sweet success of “swoosh”, the ball perfectly centered as it passes through the hoop. In the same way, you will imagine the successful job interview.


The actual interview is key to getting the job. However, before the interviw you have researched the company, researched the postion and thoughtfully written out and practiced answers to why YOU are the best fit for the job. Why you would be of greatest service insuring they make a profit knowing this is the only way you will be paid. Then you practiced, practiced, practiced. In this whole process you will remember the Self Fulfilling Prophecy, that your thoughts are things. If you have constant negative self talk, “I know I will blank when asked a question. I am going to trip over my words. This is going to be horrible.” Then you might as well stay home. Instead you will imagine a successful interveiw, being able to confidently and fluently answer any question. You will be able to present your best self, the person they want to hire. Remember, you are the master of your brain, you would not allow someone else to trash talk you all day, so stop the negative self talk and replace it with, in the words of Zig Ziglar, “The pure, the postive and the powerful!”


Stop! Right now, as you read this you may have a little voice in your head saying, “Yah, right. How?” I will tell you how. Go now and find some great motivatoinal materials by people like Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn …the list is endless. Overpower that negative self talk with postive messages. Remember, garbage in-garbage out. Make sure you feed your mind constantly with, “The pure, the positive and the powerful!” I know you can do it! So do it now!

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