I am…just…like…um…ya’ know…saying.

My oldest, Dustin & Catherine Rauser, after giving stellar speeches at their high school graduation.

The deluge of inarticulate adults is frightening. I work with teenagers on a daily basis, and cringe as they butcher the English language. At times I have even heard these abhorrent speech patterns uttered from my own lips→Bad company corrupts! What is more frightening is that these teenagers are no longer growing out of these speech patterns as they reach adulthood! My stomach knots as I hear a college educated woman verbalize, in exact sequence, “Like…ummmm….yah.” The word “like” has invaded every sentence, two, three maybe even four times!!!

Public speaking courses should be compulsory starting in junior high and continued throughout high school. I am…just…like…um…ya’ know…saying.

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