Good News for Gravy Lovers

As a child growing up in America, eating the Zig-Zag or American Style of eating, we were told to never wipe up gravy with our bread. Now that the Continental Style of eating is becoming more popular there is good news for gravy lovers. With the Continental Style of eating you may go after the remaining gravy or sauce on your plate. How it is done–Tear off a small piece of bread and put it on your dinner plate. Using your fork, dab some sauce and enjoy. A word of caution: Those who are not familiar with the Continental Style of eating may think you are displaying bad manners. It is still not allowed at my mother’s house.

2 Replies to “Good News for Gravy Lovers”

  1. In our home growing up, the men always used bread to enjoy the last morsels of gravy bits. The women however, never indulged in such an activity. I am happy to hear that using a small piece of bread is now ‘allowed’ and can accommodate those more dainty eaters.

  2. Whether gravy or other leftover sauce/dressing, I grew up with the mentality, “You eat everything on that plate or else…” And certainly, that’s what the bread was for. Of course, I don’t know if I ever felt the urge to salvage every nook and cranny of that plate. Believe me that it felt good to leave SOMETHING behind. It is rather nice to know that it is proper to perform such today, but to remember that when out and about in a business engagement, “it’s not about the food.” If I’m ‘that’ hungry, perhaps dessert is more appropriate??

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