Fake it until you make it! It works!!!!


By putting yourself in a “power pose” for two minutes you can actually decrease your stress hormone and elevate the power (testosterone) hormone in your body. By contrast, putting yourself in a “low power position” will actually decrease power (testosterone) hormone in your body and elevate your stress hormone (cortisol). In other words, by “faking it you really can make it!” This all goes back to self-fulfilling prophecy; take two minutes before a stressful situation and put yourself in a power pose and science says you will do better in that situation. Research conducted by Dana R. Carney, Amy J.C. Cuddy, and Andy J. Yap from Columbia University and Harvard University’s. For more information please watch:
Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are


6 Replies to “Fake it until you make it! It works!!!!”

    1. Ruth, great to hear it boosted your confidence. Too many people hunker down bending over their phone, not realizing they are actually putting themselves in a “low-power pose” raising their stress hormone. Kudos to you.

  1. I tried this before an intimidating situation…I felt a bit weird for posing like that…but it did make me feel a bit more confident. Thanks for the tips.

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