Did Donald Trump Get This One Wrong?

Republished with permission.

April 8, 2008

by Glenn Shepard http://www.glennshepard.com/

Recently on the season finale of the celebrity edition of “The Apprentice”, I watched Donald Trump struggle as he had to choose between country music superstar Trace Atkins and Piers Morgan.

Trace is laid back, and one of the most likable people you’ll ever meet.

At the other extreme is tabloid editor and talent show judge Piers, who’s brash, ruthless, and made lots of enemies.

Trump referred to the two as Good versus Evil, but chose Piers (“Evil”) anyway. Survey results on NBC’s website showed that 59% of the general public thought Trump chose the wrong person.

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Trace’s fellow contestants also  thought he should have won. Actress Marilu Henner said she would follow him anywhere . That’s called leadership. Even hard driving KISS front man Gene Simmons told Trump that Trace should win.

But Trump made the right decision because the goal of the contest was to raise as much money as possible for charity. No one came close to the amount Piers raised for his charity, The Center for the Intrepid. It was like a ball game, where all that counts in the end is the score.

What was confusing and frustrating for so many fans of The Apprentice was that in previous seasons, the contestants were competing for a job with Donald Trump’s organization.

Had Trace and Piers been competing for a job, Trace would have won for the same reason high maintenance employees should not be tolerated.

High productivity and outstanding job performance do not make a good employee.

A good employee must be good at executing their duties, AND behave (i.e. play nicely with the other children).

Any employee or manager who burns bridges in business the way Piers did may bring in great numbers at first, but that victory will be worthless when he or she runs off all their employees or coworkers.

If you’ve got an employee who’s good at what they do, but is a pot stirrer like Piers, you  have a good worker. But you do not have a good employee.

Good managers don’t tolerate bad behavior.

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