Parent’s Wisdom by Melody Rauser

This was written by my 12 year old daughter. I am speechless…which is a miracle.

This paper is about the wisdom that my parents have taught me, but when they taught me their wisdom, it was through not only their words, but their actions. My parents have taught me a lot of wisdom through out my life and if I were to write it all out, I probably would write a book as big as the dictionary. So I have decided to pick three main things of wisdom to write about; Christian Love, Humor, and Hard Work.

Christian Love is a high priority of my parents’ lives. My parents have taught me Christian Love through their actions, some of their actions being which: They took in a teenager when he was unfairly kicked out, my dad works overtime for the church and refuses pay for it, they often invite people over for dinner who are struggling, and my dad teaches Jr. High Sunday School (and you know how those annoying Jr. Highers can be ;-)). Because I have grown up in such an environment full of Christian Love has really affected my life. I am inspired by my parents to be more loving towards people and to show them how a real Christian should be.

Laughter surrounds my life because of my parents. My parents always try to make laughter out of most situations. My mom has said many a time that humor is a key in public speaking. The reason my dad teaches Sunday School is not only because he wants to or that he knows a lot about the Bible, but because he can make us laugh until we explode. Because of my parents, I try to make laughter as often as I can. Laughter is happiness, happiness is what God loves.

I have learned from my parents that Hard Work is a key element for life. My dad leaves for work at 7 a.m. and gets back at 9 p.m. which is more then most men. My mom has to deal with us from dawn to dusk and sometimes in between, which I think sums it up that she is a hard worker. Our parents have us go to every work day at the church and my dad always out works every man there. My parents have taught me that I should always try my hardest at everything and to always go the extra mile.

My parents have taught me wisdom which I will try to use until eternity. No other human being could ever take the place of my parents. I hope that I can make the same affect in my future children as my parents did in me.

2011 Resolution that PAYS!

When making your New Years resolution, make one that is not only EASY TO KEEP, but will PAY OFF BIG! According to a study at Harvard Business School, “Generally speaking, a little extra likability goes a longer way than a little extra [career] competence in making someone desirable to work with.” In other words, likable people are hired first and laid off last.

Now is the time for etiquette! Grab hold of your future and learn the art of etiquette that is guaranteed to make you a much more likable person. Do it for yourself, your professional life, and most importantly, your personal life.

Call today and schedule a workshop for your business, organization, college, club or church: 408.340.0655

Etiquette is no longer a competitive edge, it is a prerequisite!

Happy New Year!

For more information on the Harvard Business School study conducted by Harvard Business School professor Tiziana Casciaro and Duke University’s Miguel Sousa Lobo, please go to:

Texting and Walking…Illegal?

I had to share this great article that even received attention from my children! I must say text etiquette is lacking with most young people. A big-bug-a-boo with most people is when you are talking to someone and they are texting someone else! Do they really have no clue how rude this behaviour is to the person with whom they are talking? If not, maybe reading this will enlighten them.

Kathy McManus writes for The Responsibility Project. McManus’s article on October 20, 2009 entitled Should Walking While Texting Be Illegal? is a must read:

“Exactly forty years after a man first stepped on the moon, a walking, texting teenager took another giant leap forward and stepped into an open manhole, becoming the latest case-study of responsibility in America.” Click here to continue reading.

Easy Self Defense—Wasp Spray

Four out of five of my kids are 2nd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do, certified through Korea. All four are working towards their 3rd degree belts. My children can break bricks with their fists. They ARE lethal weapons. People see my rather buff husband and ask if he is my body guard. I say no, I have children. This did not come easy or inexpensively. However in today’s society, I thought it necessary. Even with all of this I will now have them carrying Wasp Spray.

Society has taken a disturbing downturn in character. Bad manners and high crime rates are parts of the same disease. When I live by the Golden Rule, when I treat you the way I would want to be treated…I will not lie to you…I will not steal from you…I will not cheat.

There is an easier and less expensive way to protect yourself and your loved ones and you can do it today. It is called Wasp Spray. Click on the following link to watch a video on how this works. Wasp Spray

Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

These beautiful Easter eggs are colored with dyes made from beets, onions and blueberries. Rosalind Creasy
These beautiful Easter eggs are colored with dyes made from beets, onions and blueberries. Rosalind Creasy

By Rosalind Creasy

When Alex, my 10 year old grandson, came to stay with me during spring break, he was eager to color Easter eggs. Also, I hadn’t seen Jody Main, my friend and an Easter egg maven, for far too long — what a perfect excuse for a visit!

When we entered Jody’s farmhouse kitchen, there was a table with teacups full of dyes and a big bowl of eggs ready to go. Alex and I had great fun, and we learned a lot that afternoon about colors and which combinations produce which colors. We went home with cartons full of unique eggs.

After years of dying eggs with a wide range of botanical sources, Josy had streamlined the dyeing procedure. She had narrowed the necessary ingredients down to three…to continue click on link: Natural Dyes

Business Etiquette is Gender Neutral

The Handshake

Shake hands with everyone, men and women alike with a one handed hand shake. If a man uses a two handed handshake on a women with whom they do not have a close relationship, it is seen as condescending.

During a conversation with Tim Sanders, author of The Likeability Factor, I asked Tim about his thoughts on “The Handshake”. Tim advises to match the other person’s handshake and I absolutely agree. While everyone should strive for a firm handshake, if you are presented with a soft handshake, it would be overly aggressive to squeeze the other person’s hand.

Do I Stand?

In business, both men and women stand when being introduced.

What’s in a Name?

When introducing, always give the person’s full name.

Never give anyone a nickname. If a person’s name is Catherine, do not shorten it to Kate unless otherwise directed by the person.

Never use affectionate names for people at work such as “Honey,” “Babe,” “Doll” which can be construed as demeaning and could get you written up for sexual harassment.

Ms., Miss or Mrs.?

In spoken or written communication, address a woman as “Ms.” unless otherwise directed.

By Rank

In business people are introduced based on rank and not gender or age.

No Touchy

Avoid touching people in business. As relationships build, a touch on the shoulder or right forearm is allowed with permission. To be on the safe side men should avoid touching women other than the professional one handed handshake. Tim Sanders who is on a mission to create “lovecats” in the workplace is trying to break down the physical barrier. He will hug, with permission, clients affirming that he really does care about them beyond purely business.

Who Opens the Door?

Whoever gets there first! In business, whoever reaches the door first holds the door open for the next person, regardless of gender. If someone opens a door for you, however, you should not protest this act of politeness, not a demonstration of superiority.

Good News for Gravy Lovers

As a child growing up in America, eating the Zig-Zag or American Style of eating, we were told to never wipe up gravy with our bread. Now that the Continental Style of eating is becoming more popular there is good news for gravy lovers. With the Continental Style of eating you may go after the remaining gravy or sauce on your plate. How it is done–Tear off a small piece of bread and put it on your dinner plate. Using your fork, dab some sauce and enjoy. A word of caution: Those who are not familiar with the Continental Style of eating may think you are displaying bad manners. It is still not allowed at my mother’s house.

What Was Your Name…Again?

Okay, I can’t leave you hanging. Here are a few tips on remembering someone’s name.


In your mind write the person’s name in big black bold letters across the person’s forehead. This may be difficult if you don’t know how to spell the person’s name. Since I am a very visual person, I ask for the spelling of their name, especially if the name is unfamiliar. I see it in my mind’s eye and it helps me remember. But the real key to remembering anything is to use the information! Try to say the person’s name at least three times in your initial conversation. Make sure to get a business card, if appropriate and out of their presence write on the back where you met the person and something interesting about the person.


If you find yourself searching for a person’s name 30 seconds after an introduction, go ahead and ask for it again. Odds are great they are mentally searching for your name as well and will be relieved at the chance to start over. If the person is of high authority this technique will not work, be sure and get their name and title the first time. Concentrate and repeat in your head often. To remember someone’s name is a conscious decision. Remember to remember.

Do You Know My Name?

Tess & Dave Coffill, Holly & Catherine Rauser
Tess & Dave Coffill, Holly & Catherine Rauser

A deadly mistake too many people make in business is not remembering someone’s name. Dave E. Coffill, one of America’s leading memory instructors spoke at my recent seminar “Fast Track Back to Work: Tools you need to get hired.” Until I met Dave Coffill I can safely say I have never met anyone who could say, “I am good at remembering names.”

Dale Carnegie said, “If you remember my name, you pay me a subtle compliment; you indicate that I have made an impression on you. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance.” According to Dr. Ellen Weber researchers have used PET scans to view the brain and when someone’s name is spoken in their presence a part of the brain that processes “self” lights up. Dr. Ellen Weber states, “research confirms you also spark thier brain’s sense of worth, and add value to their day.” Again I am astounded and amazed by Dale Carnegie’s intuitive intelligence.

Be sure to add value to someone’s day by saying their name when you greet them. Have trouble remembering? You are not alone. I will be attending Dave Coffill’s Memory Workshop at the Santa Clara Convention Center April 21st-22nd. That’s if I remember…

Need to decompress? Blow off steam?

Need to decompress? Let off a little steam? Of course you do! We all do at times.  One of my favorite funny men turned me onto this game. Although Brad Montgomery uses it to procrastinate, I think it is great to release a little frustration.


Click here: Turkey Shoot


Important Note: No turkeys were harmed in the making of this game!