Etiquette is your “ticket” to being more likable. Studies at Harvard and Yale have proven your “likeability factor” is more important than your career skills.

Mother Teresa was right, “Good manners will open doors the best education cannot.”

  • Would you like to feel more comfortable entering social situations?               
  • Are you a little unsure about your etiquette skills?
  • Are you nervous when shaking someone’s hand?
  • Are you unwittingly making a faux pas when introducing people?
  • Is your lack of sophistication showing when you are dining with a client?

A fortune 500 executive once exclaimed, “If you don’t know basic table manners, what do you know?” Your entire education is called into question.

“Etiquette is not about the rules; it is about relationship.”  Holly K. Rauser

“Holly- Thanks again for providing your expertise to our students the other evening. Many remarked that your program was one of the better ones and more useful ones they have attended during their time at Santa Clara. I think that many of the skills and tips you provided will be remembered in the dinners and meetings that many of our students have in the future.

Thanks again- Dan Schniedermeier Area Coordinator, Office of Residence Life at Santa Clara University”

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.”  Nick Morgan

Nick Morgan’s quote was probably not what you were expecting when you clicked on an “etiquette” website. I am an Etiquette Coach, but first I am a Public Speaking Coach. The only reason to give a speech is to change somebodies world. The power of public speaking is enormous. Daniel Webster said, “If all my possessions and powers were to be taken from me with one exception, I would choose to keep the power of speech, for by it I could recover all the rest.” Call me if you need help with your public speaking skills.

What are people saying about Holly’s seminars?

The Successful Interview: “It was EXCELLENT! Holly touched upon some basics, but also brought up a number of more subtle points that will help me be really polished during an interview. Also, Holly is very entertaining and engaging. The time flew by.”

“Loved how Holly inserted lots of humor about a nail-biting subject that creates lots of anxiety for people. Holly relaxed her audience through humor, they were more able to hear her message.”

“She’s delightful to listen to. The content was excellent and the handout will be very valuable to people.”

“Wow Holly! I was really impressed with the high level of professionalism in your etiquette lecture. You were really entertaining… and also informative. I learned a lot about meal manners. Seal the deal at your next meal!

“I think you should have your own etiquette TV show on Lifetime or the Food Channel. You’d be a hit.” –Martin Cheek, Coauthor of Clean Energy Nation. Freeing America from the Tyranny of Fossil Fuels.

Matthew 5:16