“As a student, I found the Mealtime Interview Workshop to be invaluable. I now feel far more confident and prepared to take on mealtime interviews. I highly recommend this workshop!”

–Erin Hicks Santa Clara University Society of Women Engineers President


“I have had the pleasure of witnessing two of Holly Rauser’s presentations on “Etiquette” over the last twelve months. She is professional and engaging in her style and her witt and knowledge are extremely refreshing in an age of dry powerpoint presentations. Holly has earned the ear of anyone in the people-business, based on her track record of helping many people with body language, mirroring, speech, and other important (and often overlooked) aspects of relationships. I woud recommend Holly to anyone looking to improve their first impression, create a lasting impression, and everything in between.”

Roger Malech   Sincerely, Roger Malech Intero Real Estate Services


“I wish I had training like this 30 years ago. These students have such an advantage, one we never had. Everyone should get this kind of training.” Bill Gunter

Titles of Workshops:

Mealtime Interview Workshop

Are you well prepared for the Mealtime Interview? According to Management Expert Peter Drucker, “More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject.” A Fortune 500 Executive once questioned, “If you don’t know basic table manners, what do you know?” Your entire education is called into question.

It is well known that people make decisions on an emotional level and then justify their decisions with logic. If your manner, or lack of manners at the dining table is distracting to your potential employer, they may not find you appealing as a coworker. Or have the concern that you may embarrass them in front of a client. This evidence boils down to the importance of people skills, which are greatly enhanced with the knowledge, and practice of good etiquette.

Just wanted to tell you again that I thought your workshop at Santa Clara University was both interesting and useful– in fact I have already used concepts from the workshop and had positive results!” –Catherine Borst, Society of Women Engineers Club

Dear Holly,

Thank you SO much for your presentation. After having conversations with the teens at dinner and on the ride home, they REALLY learned something and thought it was very relevant to the upcoming event. Your presentation was informative, yet fun and really kept the teens engaged.

I definitely would recommend your services in the future!

Thanks again,

Linda Perez

Successful Interviewing Skills

How well you shine in an interview will determine if you get into the college of your choice or the career of your choice. It is time to polish your interviewing skills.

The Art of Etiquette

From nonverbal communication to introductions, your etiquette is showing.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills, Today!

Let professional public speaker and public speaking coach Holly Rauser guide you through techniques to improve your presentations.

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety 

Practical and proven tips to help you overcome public speaking anxiety.

Goal Setting for Accountability and Productivity

Romans 14:10 Tells us that we will all have to stand before God and give an accounting of our life. What will you have done with the gifts God has given you?  With the relationships God has given you?  With the resources God has given you? Godly goals keep us focused ensuring accountability and productivity.  

All workshops will be tailored to the clients specifications.

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